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Cash-Out Refinancing Versus a Home Equity Loan

If you’re looking to extract value from your home to pay for new additions or to consolidate debt, you generally have two options: cash-out refinancing or a home equity loan. Our team at Mortgages Diversified can help you to understand the full range of benefits each option offers and decide which is right for you. […]

What You Should Know About Adjustable Rate Mortgage Options

With an adjustable rate mortgage, you’re often at the mercy of the financial markets. In a rising mortgage rate environment, you could find yourself paying hundreds of dollars more per month for your home mortgage. Our team at Mortgages Diversified can help alleviate the stress of a rising interest rate environment. Here, we’ll delve into […]

A Guide to Refinancing Mortgage Loans

Refinancing mortgage loans can ensure you have more money available each month to pay your other obligations. Many homeowners are now struggling to pay the costs of their current mortgage and require a path forward to minimize their monthly spending. In this post, our team will provide a guide for reducing monthly mortgage costs. Extend […]

What You Should Know About Refinancing Home Loan Rates

When taking on the refinancing of your home loan, in order to reduce your rates, it’s important to review the marketplace and speak with experts about the latest options. Our team at Summit Mortgage Corporation has many years of experience guiding clients on mortgage refinancing and in this new post, we’ll explain what you need […]

Discover the Latest Mortgage Advice from Our Diversified Lenders

When you’re in the process of applying for a mortgage, you must work with your lender and find ways to enhance your credit to achieve the ideal mortgage loan. Our team of Mortgages Diversified at Summit Mortgage Corporation has decades of experience in the industry. In this new post, our diversified lenders will help you […]

Our Lenders Offer a Guide to Jumbo Mortgage Loans in 2019

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has recently announced that they’ve raised conforming loan rates for 2019. Now, in most counties across the country, the conforming loan limit for a single-family home will be $484,350, which marks an increase of $31,250 from the 2018 limits. The new rise in limits means that the federal government has […]

A Guide to the Average Mortgage Rates Across Minnesota

By educating yourself on the interest rates in the national marketplace you can hone your strategy for refinancing your mortgage. Our team at Mortgages Diversified at Summit Mortgage Corporation is highly experienced in the mortgage marketplace and within our new post, we’ll provide a guide to understanding the average mortgage rates across Minnesota. 15-year fixed […]

Tips for Refinancing a Mortgage Loan

Refinancing a mortgage loan requires you to take into consideration your current financial situation and the marketplace to determine the best way to save on your loan. Our team at Summit Mortgage Corporation has decades of experience helping clients with refinancing their mortgage loan products, and in this post, we’ll explore our tips for the […]

Post-Crisis Tips for Refinancing a Mortgage Loan

Within the post-financial crisis era, banking laws have become more tightly regulated. Lenders are now controlling how they allocate their loans and consumers must follow a specific process to achieve a loan they can afford. When refinancing a mortgage loan, it’s important to follow these new processes and to ensure the loan is affordable and […]

What You Need to Know About Minnesota Mortgage Rates and Loan Approval

When reviewing your loan options on the Minnesota mortgage marketplace, it’s important to learn about interest rates and credit ratings, and the role these elements have within the loan process. Our Mortgage team at Summit Mortgage Corporation has decades of experience in the lending industry and in this latest post, we’re highlighting what you need […]